About Us

Scientific Advisory Board

SINEW has brought together a strong scientific advisory board, comprising of Dr. Wei-Chao Chen, former President of National Taiwan University and former Dean of National Taiwan University College of Medicine; Dr. Oliver Yoa-Pu Hu, Honorary Professor at National Defense Medical Center and Chair Professor at Taipei Medical University (successfully invented the first analgesic drug in Taiwan, launched domestically and internationally, as the world's first-in-class severe pain reliever, that is non-addictive and 7-day effective new chemical entity); Dr. Shou-Dong Lee, Consultant Physician of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Cheng Hsin General Hospital; and Dr. Shan-Tai Ho, Physician of Anesthesia and Pain Management at Taipei Veterans General Hospital. SINEW has also appointed Professor Stephen H. Curry from the United States as the international scientific advisor.

Management and R&D Team
Chairman & CEO

Kai-Min Chu
Chairman & CEO

  • Director of Cardiology Division, Tri-Service General Hospital
  • Director of Cardiology Division, Tri-Service General Hospital Director of Clinical Research Center, Tri-Service General Hospital
  • Secretary General, Taiwan Society of Cardiology
  • Research Fellow of Clinical Pharmacology, Colorado State University
  • Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, National Defense Medical Center
  • PhD, Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, National Defense Medical Center
Cheng-Huei Hsiong

Cheng-Huei Hsiong
Vice President and
Chief R&D Officer

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, Yuan Ze University
  • Research Fellow, National Defense Medical School
  • PhD in Chemical Engineering (Biomedical Engineering), National Tsing Hua University
Hsin-Tien Ho

Hsin-Tien Ho
Assistant Vice President and
R&D Senior Director

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pharmacy, National Defense Medical Center
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, National Defense Medical Center
  • PhD in Life Science, National Defense Medical Center
Ting-Yi Chiang

Ting-Yi Chiang
Vice Chief R&D Officer and
Director of Clinical Trial R&D Department

  • PhD in School of Civil, Commercial and Economic Law, China University of Political Science and Law, China
  • Master of Graduate School of Pharmacy, National Defense Medical Center, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Manager of New Product Development Department, Lotus Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd
Chi-Chi Chou

Chi-Chi Chou
Director of Quantitative Analysis Department

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, NRPGM Core Facilities for Proteomics and Glycomics, Academia Sinica
  • Project Manager and Postdoctoral Fellow, Core Facilities for Protein Structural Analysis, Academia Sinica
  • Senior Research Scientist, Taiwan Protein Project, Academia Sinica
  • PhD in Chemistry, National Chung Hsing University
Tzu-Wen Chen

Tzu-Wen Chen
Manager of Finance Department

  • Financial/Accounting Manager, Universal Peptide Co., Ltd
  • Associate Manager, KPMG Taiwan
  • Financial/Accounting Specialist, Nan Shan Life Insurance Co., Ltd
  • Bachelor in Accounting, National Chengchi University