Treatment of moderate to severe pain

Mechanism of Action

Inhibiting liver enzyme activity to prevent the generation of toxic metabolites of acetaminophen known to cause liver damage. The combination of SNP-810 with oxycodone or hydrocodone is accompanied with a synergistic analgesic effect.

Current Status

Preclinical research is in progress. It is expected that after obtaining SNP-810 drug license, clinical trials for SNP-830/SNP840 including bioequivalence study will be conducted.

Product Advantages
  1. There is no competitor for hepatotoxic-free acetaminophen combination on the market.
  2. Bearing a wider safety margin in which US FDA label of hepatotoxicity warning can be modified or deleted.
  3. Acetaminophen-containing drug products have been requested by the US FDA to reduce the dosage of acetaminophen to no more than 325 mg per unit, which can affect the analgesic efficacy. With the combination of SNP-810, it can potentially increase the dosage of acetaminophen from 325 mg to 500 mg or even higher per unit to enhance the efficacy.
Market Potential

According“IMS National Sales Perspectives (2014-2019)” Market Statistics Report, the global analgesic market size for acetaminophen and opioid combination was approximately US$950 million in 2019.